Santiago Cucullu 

Santiago Cucullu was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has been living in the United States since a very young age. He attended the Minneapolis College of Art and lives and works Milwaukee Wisconsin since 2004.

At the heart of his work is an inherent schizophrenia. An exhibition may contain very different kinds of projects: temporary wall drawings, watercolors, and minimal sculptures that at first glance appear to be in opposition to the more baroque and figurative elements found in the two dimensional work. The work often addresses the everyday absurdities that accumulate and insinuate themselves into reality. The sculptural nature of plastic curtains used in storefronts to keep flies out and the transformative aspects of plastic bags in trees far from being incidental, take center stage. Forgotten heroes and anti-heroes, the provenance of discarded furniture, gun fetishists and most types of fanaticism increasingly delineate the physical limits of an object until the physical nature of the work begins to seem like a relic.

His work has been shown in various venues including the Whitney Musem of Art, Mori Museum of Art in Tokyo, Le Plateau in Paris and the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. He works also with Umberto di Marino Gallery in Naples and Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York.