Pedro Proença

Pedro Proença was born in 1962, Lubango, Angola. He now lives and works in Lisbon. He has exhibited regularly since 1981. In 1982, he founded the Movimento Homeostético. His first solo show was in 1984, and has been followed by more solos at the Galeria Fucares (87), the Frith Gallery (89), at the Pallazo Ruspoli (94), the Gulbenkian Foundation (94), the Frankfurt Kunstwerein (1988), the Camargo Vilaça gallery (1988), among others. He also took part in the Aperto of the Venice Biennial in 1988. His work stages complexity through multiple stylistic beats, in a kind of delirious pastureland of what we could call "near heteronyms". The artist frequently responds to the stylistic stimulus of history (the baroque, the rococo, the middle ages) but approaches these moments to produce games of forms that are like programming, very similar to that of computer games.