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Pedro Cabrita Reis
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Pedro Cabrita Reis

Pedro Cabrita Reis was born in 1956 in Lisbon (where he lives and works) and is one of today\'s most famous portuguese artists. His work has been shown in well established international shows, such as the 9th Kassel Documenta and the 24th São Paulo Bienale. In 2003, he represented Portugal at the Venice Bienale.

The complex work of Pedro Cabrita Reis includes a multiplicity of means, from drawings using graffiti and pastel, to large scale painting and arquitectural dimensioned instalations. The flux between the used materials neverthless mantains each\'s own character. Sculptures become images; when attached to windows, monochromatic articulated paintings lead to arquitectural elements or develop sculptural qualities. Photographs which appear in the instalations open never-ending spaces for memory and reflection. Nature appears in his work in an extremely filtred way, as a road to consciousness. The loss of nature as a reference idea is the engine of Cabrita Reis\' work. The artist sees architecture as replacing it and understands it as a mental discipline or a `reality exercise´through which we measure ourselves and the world. This requires a very high precision.

The artist works precisely with the various physical qualities of the frequently used poor materials. The subtile aesthetics in his interventions appeals to the AISTHESIS of the viewer whose perception is demanded in a singular way. Image and visibility are central issues to the artist. His architectural instalations can also be perceived as territorial occupations, exclusions and delimitations. But they also reflect connection, comunicating and exchange possibilities, being spaces where reality occurs. The invisible shows the visible while an echo of memory. 

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